Sunday, March 9, 2014

Further Adventures of Airline Pilot Stories!

To the readers of my blog, I apologize for the time off I've taken. Life often times gets in the way and I've had too many priorities pulling at me.

With that said, I'm back!

So where have I been the last year and a half? I've been mostly to Europe and the UK, as this blog is usually slanted towards, but new developments are on the horizon.

I'm switching aircraft. I'll be flying the 737.

That's right, I'll be flying within the United States, Mexico, Canada and a little bit of South America.

The advantages are many. The major one being time zones. To all you aspiring pilots reading this, everyone thinks they want to end their career flying a 747 to London. While this may seem great in your mind, the reality is much different.

At 3AM, even the best of dreams seem distant

International travel takes a major toll on your body. Many times you don't land at your destination until 6AM body time, or was it 8AM? I forgot, I'm so tired.

In the future, I hope to bring you many stories from adventures in Alaska, sipping a Mai Tai in Hawaii or bartering with a local in Bogota, Colombia.

Writing about my life and job is what this blog is about. And for my readers, the adventure is just getting started.


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  4. Nice to see to back .... Hope to see any stories from you. How is it going with your international flights.